Linda Snyder , Masters of Social Work.  Linda provides emotional support and counseling for her clients, during difficult life experiences, including divorce.

Sally Putnam, CFP®, Certified Divorce Financial AnalystTM, helps clients with the financial aspects of divorce.  Working through the assets to determine the amounts and how they should be divided, taking into account, today as well as future value and income needs.

Colleen Manley, Estate Attorney.  Born into the family business of law, since the age of 8, Colleen has been absorbing every aspect of the profession.  She has worked with many multi-generation family and business clients.  Her love of family blends into both her work and philanthropic philosophies, motivating her to help strengthen families in the community.

Leslie A Satterlee, Family Law Attorney.  Offering a host of creative solutions that brings satisfaction to her clients. Leslie has counseled in a wide variety of divorce scenarios, from divorce for military families that may call for long-distance and deployment-compatible parenting plans, to divorce for business owning families.

Elizabeth Kamper, Bankruptcy Attorney.  A passionate advocate for her clients in bankruptcy matters, who believes in treating her clients like family while delivering exceptional results with the highest of integrity.

Deb Klein, Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist.  Helping clients realize their home-ownership dreams.  Deb specializes in the purchase and refinance of primary, secondary/vacation and investment homes.  An efficient, streamlined process allows for quick turnaround decisions.

Sue Beyer, home and auto insurance. Many things can be overlooked when dealing with home and auto insurance. Sue is passionate about making sure her clients understand the issues involved with their home and auto insurance situations.

Christine Espinoza, Residential Real Estate.  Dedicated to the profession of Real Estate since birth, Christine is a consummate student of the real estate world, achieving several industry specific designations.  She has a deep understanding of how a house becomes a home and truly understands the importance of her clients time.