The Complete Solution For Your Situation!

When going through a divorce there are so many factors that need to be addressed:

Our goal is to help our clients successfully navigate through the divorce process.  We put together a strategy, which is, to position our clients financially and emotionally, while helping them through this major life change.

•  Is Divorce the Solution?
•  What happens now?
•  Should I do it on my own or use an Attorney?
•  Do I keep the house?
•  How do we share responsibility for the care and raising of kids?
•  What happens to our insurance?
•  How do we split our assets?
•  Who is responsible for our existing debt?

Why Work with
Arizona Women
Divorce Professionals?

We Love What We Do Because:

•  You get a team of professionals working for you to provide a one stop source
•  You don’t have to repeat your story time and time again
•  Knowledgeable professionals working in their area of expertise on a daily basis
•  A team that is responsible to each other so your case doesn’t drop to the bottom of the pile

AZ Women Divorce Professionals are not only responsible to you, they are responsible to each other.

Why is that important?  Divorce can be a long process and people can get bogged down in the details.  Being a part of a team helps keep your case on top of the priority list.  With AWDP our clients get the care and concern they deserve.

What We Offer: